Heidi Magnuson
Principal, New Leaf Design

In 2001, Heidi Magnuson founded New Leaf Design with the mission of listening to the client and putting in that extra effort to create an amazing product. Today the firm boasts national and local clients with a wide range of work. Magnuson’s design has been recognized for its excellence by HOW magazine, the Web Marketing Association, and the Association of Education Publishers.

With two decades of agency, corporate, and association design experience, Magnuson has worked with clients to update web sites, create new marketing materials, and print exciting publications.

Following her graduation from Syracuse University, Magnuson began her graphic design career as the sole designer at busy marketing/communications firm in Reston, Virginia. After taking two years to live, travel, and absorb influences abroad in Asia, Magnuson resumed her graphic design career as the art director and web design team leader of an advertising agency in Northern Virginia.

Take a look at our print portfolio new-leaf-design.com/print, or our web portfolio new-leaf-design.com/web.